Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Aquaria

I haven't posted about fish-keeping before on this blog. So , I thought I'd describe the set-up in my two main tanks:-

4 ft cold/temperate tank

One Ryukin (Miss )Piggy Malone( aka Doris)

A Moor named Jet (juv male)

An Oranda called Rocket (juv male)

6 baby apple snails

planted with Amazon swords


3 ft tropical tank

2 Bristlenoses Charley Farley(m) & Skitter (f)

4 Adult Apple Snails

8 neon tetras

2 Fire-Red Honey Dwarf Gourami:

6 Black Neon Tetra

2 Red Cherry Shrimp

2 Dwarf African Aquatic Frog

Planted with Anubias & Amazon Swords


I shall add to this given time-constraints