Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sultry saturday in Aber


You can tell it's a summer saturday in Aber by the throb of motor-cycles arriving from all directions;
A lot of them are high-powered modern machines, but by far the majority are Classics from the 60's.
Their deep-throated roar takes me back to the days when I was an under-graduate in Hull, where Roger , a guy on my landing, had two beautiful Velocettes, which had the incredible ability to take corners at near horizontal
Quite why these motor-cyclists choose to come to Aberystwyth is beyond me; It's a dump!The beer is both dear and queer; It's full of bloody Brummies, and there is nothing to do unless you enjoy second-rate boozers.It must be the ride here that has its appeal.

Tele-visual/ Radio-phonic Blues

I am very annoyed by commentators on both the telly and the wireles continually using metric measures such as kilo-metres and metres. WE LIVE IN BRITAIN NOT EUROPE it is YARDS & MILES


each night hackney carriage park illegally outside my house

  • they are on double-yellow lines

  • They park with-in 10 yards of a corner

  • their two-way radios competely block digital tele-vision reception

  • They are parked and touting for hire away from a licensed rank

  • they keep their radios on all the time

  • they attract drunks,

  • toot their horns ( an offence when stationary and betwwen the hours of 11pm - 7am)

  • they slam their car doors

  • they are of course, like all cabs, driven by complete TWATS

    tough on crime
    the government's continued response to crime is to legislate, legislate and legislate

    when will they get it through their thick heads...the perpetrators of crime are criminals; criminals have no regard for the law; ergo it is pointless to legislate against them.....laws are for people who have no need of them

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    Government gets tough on Mugabe
    That'll shew that Mgabe rotter who's boss.....we won't let the swine play in our game of cricket next summer..........NA NA NE NA NA
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    Government gets tough on Mugabe

    That 'll shew that evil despot Mgabe what's what !..........We won't let the rotter play cricket with na ne na na
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    Entry for June 24, 2008
    Just had a blazing row with a c*nt of a taxi-driver who parks on doulbe-yellows outside my house touting for trade til 4am

      the RF interferes with TV reception

    I have to put up with drunks

    360 closing

    I shall move my Aber-rant blog here in the near future as Y360 is closing