Monday, 22 September 2008


The golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter, φ (phi), is equal to (sqrt(5)+1)/2. This number makes a very interesting base because of this special property:

φ2 = φ + 1, which means 100φ = 011φ and 0200φ = 1001φ. These two rules can be applied in either direction against any sequence of consecutive digits in a base-φ number to put it in "standard form", which means no digits other than 0 or 1, and no two 1's in a row. In addition, the repeating decimal 0.101010... is equal to 1.

100φ = 011φ

This relation can be applied anywhere in a base-φ number to handle most "carries" when adding. So, for example,


is the result after doing the addition, but the "2" digits in the result aren't considered "normal form", so they must be reorganized into zeros and ones by "carrying" the digits to the left. Unlike integer base arithmetic, in which digits need to be carried only to the next column, in base-φ, we have to carry two non-zero digits two places to the left using the identity 100φ = 011φ. Here's how that looks:

222.222, and then process the "carries" this way:

0200φ = 1001φ

Does this always work? No, we have a problem if we encounter an "02" pattern. One way to handle it is to carry one digit to the left, and one digit two places to the right, so 02.00 becomes 10.01. Then we might have another problem if the "rightbound carry" lands on a digit that's already one, because we might have to carry a digit two more places to the right. Here's an example where this comes up:

20201, and then process the "carries" this way:

Monday, 8 September 2008


Blog for 8th September 2008


The television licence costs just under £12 per month and give us the benefit of BBC televison
programmes sans advertisements.

ITV has advertising revenue and is therefore free-to-air

Why then, do Sky and Virgin expect us to pay a monthly fee for 2nd rate repeats with advertising?
Are they nuts?

Why do the "5" channels not allow the aspect ratio to be adjusted on their broadcasts?

What is it about this programme?

I've seen most of the episodes, and even with the ones that I haven't seen, it feels like I've seen them before


Perhaps Minnie Driver should take up comedy, as she is being acted off the screen by Edie Izzard

There is a new series on the BBC; It is called GLADIATRESS

I expect better from the BBC

It should of course be GLADIATRIX


I have joined various internet survey sites, the
revenue from which, exactly pays my monthly internet bill


the last week I earned £1 of Argos vouchers and 3 credited me with £20
of free internet, this is balanced by my bank chrging me £70 for going 35 overdrawn.

since coming off the university network, I have realised that the web is not
so much an information super highway, as an over-crowded pavement.


An undergraduate course can only provide a glimpse into a subject; a snapshot , if you like
. Formerly undergraduates "read" a subject [They were not taught]; The keen student read around his (or her)
subject, and had a great enthusiasm for his chosen field. Today's student expects to be spoon-fed, and acquires
only that which is necessary in order to pass his course.
This is for some reason considered progress.


Apart from the odd git, the taxi issue seems to be resolved

American Politics

A Dzimbabwean friend summed it up thus:- that Obama..he's not even black !

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rainy Sunday Blog

Blog for 7th September 2008

Shopping Delights

Somerfield, as always , never fails to offer tremendous savings

this week's amazing offer ..Kebabs two for £1 or £3:50 each....Uh?????


As I write this Andrew Murray is two sets up against Nadal

Altrincham 0-0 Salisbury AFC


and the "Stupid advert of the Year" award goes to ..Scotland...,THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON....

Don't people go to Scotland to get away from all that crap? there anything more annoying on our screens at the moment?

The nearest Tesco to me is at least one hour's drive and is the size of a small corner shop

State of the nation

last year 100 britons a day migrated to Australia; since immigrants have to be under 45 with a trade...
.this says something very profound about the state of Britain

Alma Mater

to my great surprise my old school finished 3rd in the co-ed section of the Times Public School league tables

The rainy season has begun

September arrives, and with it the rain. if past years are any guide to the future, then it shall rain until christmas

What's in a name?

Surely Paris is a boy's name ? Or perhaps there was a defect in my [classical] education?

Impure Thoughts

The other day, walking through town, I followed a young lady with an extemely
well-proportioned derriere. To my great shame, all I could think about was sheathing my sword within her ample scabbard !


I have been reading :

    Evening in the Palace of Reason
    The Story of English
for a full review visit my BOOK GROUP


I have been watching GODFATHER & GODFATHER II

for a full review visit my FILM CLUB


plans for an electonic banking system based on a penut economy move forward

I shall continue this blog in more depth during the week