Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sultry saturday in Aber


You can tell it's a summer saturday in Aber by the throb of motor-cycles arriving from all directions;
A lot of them are high-powered modern machines, but by far the majority are Classics from the 60's.
Their deep-throated roar takes me back to the days when I was an under-graduate in Hull, where Roger , a guy on my landing, had two beautiful Velocettes, which had the incredible ability to take corners at near horizontal
Quite why these motor-cyclists choose to come to Aberystwyth is beyond me; It's a dump!The beer is both dear and queer; It's full of bloody Brummies, and there is nothing to do unless you enjoy second-rate boozers.It must be the ride here that has its appeal.

Tele-visual/ Radio-phonic Blues

I am very annoyed by commentators on both the telly and the wireles continually using metric measures such as kilo-metres and metres. WE LIVE IN BRITAIN NOT EUROPE it is YARDS & MILES


each night hackney carriage park illegally outside my house

  • they are on double-yellow lines

  • They park with-in 10 yards of a corner

  • their two-way radios competely block digital tele-vision reception

  • They are parked and touting for hire away from a licensed rank

  • they keep their radios on all the time

  • they attract drunks,

  • toot their horns ( an offence when stationary and betwwen the hours of 11pm - 7am)

  • they slam their car doors

  • they are of course, like all cabs, driven by complete TWATS

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