Friday, 6 February 2009

A Smoking Gun

1. Why does smoking prevalence increase wherever smoker bans are enacted?

2. Why do heart attacks increase wherever smoker bans are enacted?

3. Why do we only ever see increases in asthma rates despite the massively reduced exposure to SHS worldwide?

4. The phenomenon known as "Air rage" kicked in right after smoking was banned on airplanes. Is there a connection?

5. Contagious diseases became much more prevalent in aircraft when smoking was banned on airplanes. Is there a connection?

6. As more and more people are coerced into quitting smoking, obesity rates shoot through the roof. Why is that?

7. Smoking had declined dramatically over the last fifteen years, but dementia cases grew exponentially. Why is that?

8. The hospitality industry suffers from mass closures whenever and wherever smoker bans are enacted. Why would that be?

9. Politicians go blind, deaf and dumb when we ask them if they are aware of the carnage. Can they genuinely NOT see what is happening?

10. SHS has a Relative Risk (RR) of 1.19 but only when the Confidence Interval (CI) is reduced to 90%. SHS is considered deadly. Cheese has an RR of 2.4 with a CI of 95% and is statistically more likely to give us lung cancer than SHS. Why have we not banned cheese?

11. A single glass of tap water contains more arsenic than 200 cigarettes. Should we not warn people of this danger?

12. Smoker prevalence was declining year on year, and it stagnated, then rose for the first time in decades when the smoker ban was introduced, who among you is going to claim responsibility for this unbelievably stupid idea?

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Because the anti-smoking brigade are all fucking liars, every single one of them.

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