Saturday, 2 May 2009

Flu bunkum

On average there are 12,000 deaths per annum from FLU in England and Wales, when was the last time you saw that figure published?

That is quite a lot of people, why aren't people panicking about it ?

2.2 Excess Mortality
Excess mortality due to influenza occurs in most winter seasons but is especially marked
during epidemics. The average annual excess mortality attributable to influenza in recent
years is around 12,000 deaths per annum in England and Wales,(11) although there is
considerable yearly variation and some years are notably much higher than the average (est.
26,000 in 1989/90 epidemic). Excess mortality in England and Wales associated with the
three pandemics of the 20th century has also varied widely; this was estimated at 198,000
civilians in 1918/19, and 37,500 in 1957/58. In 1968/69 and 1969/70 (both seasons
considered to be associated with the influenza A/H3N2 pandemic) there were an estimated
31,000 and 47,000 deaths respectively.(7) Therefore the extent of mortality associated with
the next pandemic cannot be reliably predicted although it is reasonable to plan for a
scenario worse than a severe winter epidemic of normal influenza.

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So why are we getting upset about a very few cases of Flu in Mexico? It is NOT an epidemic, neither is it a pandemic.....In fact it isn't even a blip.......a barely noticeable outbreak of Flu.

I reckon the government are going to use this to impose their Nazi measures upon us still further.

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