Saturday, 9 July 2011

The world financial crisis made a dent in sales of premium goods as Cuban cigars, while such smoking bans that each day are more and more spread worldwide are a real bane of the cigar industry.

Habanos is trying to oppose the action by offering various lines of small cigars that can be smoked during a work break and also produce cigars specially created for women smokers.

It was found that Cuba’s premium cigars dominate the world cigar market with 70% of all sales.

However that market share excludes the United States as Cuba’s cigars are prohibited there in accordance with a decades-old trade embargo against the Communist island.

The great domestic demand for lower-quality cigars, which are sold at very low price and are made from tobacco leaves grown elsewhere in the country, haven’t demonstrated the sign of slowing in spite of local smoking bans, which like many other laws, are not fully respected.

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