Friday, 29 August 2008


the sky was a deep indigo as i walked to the paper-shop (at 6 am !);
I was convinced that today was Saturday,
which is why I was buying the paper {free TV guide, magazine etc.}
in the first place. The Good News my paper cost only 70p rather than £1:40,
so I appear to have saved 70p; the bad news is that in reality I spent 70p
that I should not normally have done.
I could have saved 50p
by walking up to campus, but

a). the union shop isn't open
that early [change of tense ?] and

b). it is deeply
uncool to be seen on campus out of term time, people will
assume that I actually work !

c) I don't normally buy Newspapers Tues-Friday

All this means that I am probably, on a subconcious basis,
eagerly expecting/ anticipating
( you decide)the new term.
I'm not; I don't have any lectures, because

a) I haven't been offered the work

b) I am not taking any courses

c) I am still officially on the sick

[ the nice new labour government removed my disabled living allowance,
so now I have to claim the sick, and stop working when my condition
flares up or I have an episode,
instead of working around it, and people
question why I never have and never shall vote for the unmentionable little shits ! ]

Still on health; the low-fibre diet seems to be helping with my weight; i have definitely put on weight and appear to be retaing the same. however my skin and joints are not so good as a consequence
; that said it is probably preferable to th cortico-steroids....Hmm..must go and see the quack before the start of term..whoops! starting to go round in circles...time for breakfast!

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