Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday Bloggy Sunday

Digital media

So yesterday, I decided to spin a cd that I had bought about 3 or 4 years ago, 5 at the outside, and had played a mere handul of times.
. is so knacked as to be unplayable;and yet I bought it to ease wear & tear on my 45 year old vinyl recording..
.so CD is less durable, It's digital, which is a less than perfect representation
of the analogue ( even infinite word length & infinite oversampling only gets
you back to the analogue)BRING BACK VINYL...
.ahh but there is a snag isn't there CD was supposed to be cheap and nasty as people couldn't
afford decent record players [then or now ]..
.OK so it seems that cheap and nasty digital media have their place....


Olympian Coverage

Is it me or have the recent games been and gone without anybody noticing ?
There seems to have been little or no coverage......perhaps it is only my perception, as at the last games I didn't have multi channel TV , and therefor had little choice but to follow the games. Speaking of little choice;
Has any one else noticed that Sunday's viewing on Free-view is mostly a repeat of Sunday ?
In fact I reckon that there now exists absolutely NO REASON for possessing any
tele-visual recording device, as most programmes are repeated several times per diem/mens/annum ...thus rendering even archiving unecessary...Not so much Tele-vision on demand as, we bought this crap and are now going to ram it down your screech non-stop for
the rest of your natural....GGRRRRRRR

Pointless Movie remakes

I noticed that Ch5 were showing HARVEY today; unfortunately it was a crappy remake..WHY?   WHAT IS THE FUCKIN POINT of re-making these films.?..You cannot improve on them...C'mon Hollywood...MAKE SUMMAT ORIGINAL AND EARN THOSE PAY-CHEQUES

Tasteless Euro Beer

The other day I thought that I shoud try a few glasses of the much-vaunted Carlsberg Export; Perrier has more flavour...Why do people waste their money on this shite?....Odd as Special Brew DOES have flavour; over-brewed tea flavour, BUT nonetheless it does taste of something !

So a big thank-you to those unbearable bearded twats fromCAMRA

more anon

Just one more thing

the other day I went accidently over-drawn by £4-70 ...yes LESS THAN A charge item fee £35 plus £28 unauthorized o/d fee......yes that's right £63 charge representing a interest rate of nearly 1500% , I thought that there were laws against usury..well HBOS I NAME & SHAME YOU

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