Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rainy Sunday Blog

Blog for 7th September 2008

Shopping Delights

Somerfield, as always , never fails to offer tremendous savings

this week's amazing offer ..Kebabs two for £1 or £3:50 each....Uh?????


As I write this Andrew Murray is two sets up against Nadal

Altrincham 0-0 Salisbury AFC


and the "Stupid advert of the Year" award goes to ..Scotland...,THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON....

Don't people go to Scotland to get away from all that crap? there anything more annoying on our screens at the moment?

The nearest Tesco to me is at least one hour's drive and is the size of a small corner shop

State of the nation

last year 100 britons a day migrated to Australia; since immigrants have to be under 45 with a trade...
.this says something very profound about the state of Britain

Alma Mater

to my great surprise my old school finished 3rd in the co-ed section of the Times Public School league tables

The rainy season has begun

September arrives, and with it the rain. if past years are any guide to the future, then it shall rain until christmas

What's in a name?

Surely Paris is a boy's name ? Or perhaps there was a defect in my [classical] education?

Impure Thoughts

The other day, walking through town, I followed a young lady with an extemely
well-proportioned derriere. To my great shame, all I could think about was sheathing my sword within her ample scabbard !


I have been reading :

    Evening in the Palace of Reason
    The Story of English
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I have been watching GODFATHER & GODFATHER II

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plans for an electonic banking system based on a penut economy move forward

I shall continue this blog in more depth during the week



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