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Blog for 8th September 2008


The television licence costs just under £12 per month and give us the benefit of BBC televison
programmes sans advertisements.

ITV has advertising revenue and is therefore free-to-air

Why then, do Sky and Virgin expect us to pay a monthly fee for 2nd rate repeats with advertising?
Are they nuts?

Why do the "5" channels not allow the aspect ratio to be adjusted on their broadcasts?

What is it about this programme?

I've seen most of the episodes, and even with the ones that I haven't seen, it feels like I've seen them before


Perhaps Minnie Driver should take up comedy, as she is being acted off the screen by Edie Izzard

There is a new series on the BBC; It is called GLADIATRESS

I expect better from the BBC

It should of course be GLADIATRIX


I have joined various internet survey sites, the
revenue from which, exactly pays my monthly internet bill


the last week I earned £1 of Argos vouchers and 3 credited me with £20
of free internet, this is balanced by my bank chrging me £70 for going 35 overdrawn.

since coming off the university network, I have realised that the web is not
so much an information super highway, as an over-crowded pavement.


An undergraduate course can only provide a glimpse into a subject; a snapshot , if you like
. Formerly undergraduates "read" a subject [They were not taught]; The keen student read around his (or her)
subject, and had a great enthusiasm for his chosen field. Today's student expects to be spoon-fed, and acquires
only that which is necessary in order to pass his course.
This is for some reason considered progress.


Apart from the odd git, the taxi issue seems to be resolved

American Politics

A Dzimbabwean friend summed it up thus:- that Obama..he's not even black !

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